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Jim Kuper, founder of The Pancake Man, brings all the ingredients with him and mixes batter on site.  We don't just serve pancakes we flip them to the customer also!

Did he catch that pancake!!??

 Catering with a flip!


Our Pancakes are light and fluffy but NEVER stuffy!


We blend fresh ingredients with real eggs and milk then  cook mouth watering pancakes right in front of your eyes.  The Pancake Man is unique in that we put on an entertaining show demonstrating flair for the dramatic.  The real fun begins when we pick someone out, back them up 20 to 30 feet and toss pancakes around our back or over our head to the awaiting plate!  


We've been in business over 30 years serving fresh hot pancakes in Michigan, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado and all points in between.


We brighten up your special day for a company event, fundraiser, or anything that requires good food and a lot of fun!    


Pancakes and sausages made right in front of your eyes.  You set the date and The Pancake Man will be there!




Entertainment is a big part of the event !


We have 3 different sized grills and can serve up to 184 pancakes every 3 minutes.

The Pancake Man has been featured in The Wall Street Journal

The Pancake Man

P O Box 277

Council Bluffs, Iowa



Jim Kuper - Owner

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